Suzuki 400 DRZ & DRZE Radiator Guard Installation Instructions

DRZ, DRZE Radiator Guard Install DRZ, DRZE Radiator Guard Install

Parts included:
(1) Set radiator guards (part #12-09)
(2) 6mm x 14mm square head cap screws
(4) 6mm x 25mm square head cap screws
(2) 6mm x 30mm square head cap screws
(2) ¼ s.a.e. flat washer

1. Remove side shrouds.

2. Remove stock bolts from radiators. Remove tank bolts.

3. Bolt radiator guards in place using the (4) 6mm x 25mm SHCS in the front & use the (2) 6mm x 30mm SHCS to attach at the tank bolt.
(As shown in Picture #1)
Tip: A ball-end hex allen wrench is the easiest way to install. Be sure to start the bolts straight!

4. Trim Plastic rib inside radiator shrouds as needed to clear the radiator guards. Approx. 3/8" (As shown in Picture #2)

5. Reinstall, side shrouds using the (2) 6mm x 14mm SHCS along with the flat washers.

6. Roost!

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