KTM Radiator Guard Installation Instructions (2 Stroke)

KTM Radiator Guard Install KTM Radiator Guard Install KTM Radiator Guard Install

1998-2003 2-Strokes 200/250/300/380 EXC, MXC, & 2000 400/520 EXC, MXC
Part #12-02

1998-2003 2-Strokes 125/250/380, SX
Part #12-10

Parts Included:
1 set radiator guards
1 cross bar assembly
(4) 6mm x 14mm square head cap screws
(2) 6mm x 8mm flat head cap screws
(1) #20 hose clamp
(2) Threaded Hex, side panel mounts (eccentric)
(2) 6mm x 20mm hex/washer bolts

1. Remove seat, side shrouds, & tank.

2. Remove plastic brackets from radiator sides and set aside.

3. Remove stock louvers and set aside. Remove stock bolts from radiators and set aside.

4. Install long bracket & "L" bracket assembly above the frame tubes. (As shown in picture #1)
(Note: pull radiators off of frame mount pins to allow additional room to get brackets snaked through and remount once you have bracket in position.)

5. Clamp small "L" bracket to the top of the lower frame tube using the #20 hose clamp provided. (As shown in Picture #1)

6. Bolt radiator guards in place using 6mm x 14mm bolts provided. Tip: A ball-end hex allen wrench is the easiest way to install using access holes provided! Tip: Be sure to start bolt straight! Install 6mm. x 8mm flat head cap screws through radiator guards into long bracket ends. (As shown in picture #2) Use Loctite and do not over tighten!

7. Bolt threaded hex side panel mounts provided. (As shown in picture #3) Stock part can be used but shrouds will stick out 3/8" further.

8. Reinstall tank, side shrouds (using 6mm x 20mm hex/washer bolt provided) and seat.

9. Roost!

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